Capture Every Memory: A Guide to the Fun Features of Hive Photo Booths

At Hive Photo Booths, we’ve provided event photography experiences for events since 2012. But what exactly can you capture with our photo booths? Let’s explore the ways we can capture fun moments at your events.

  • Classics: Digital & Printed Photos – Our most popular photo booth service! Capture those group photos and silly poses with high-quality digital images you’ll want to share. Want a tangible memory on the spot? Our booths can also provide high-quality printed photos.
  • Moving Moments: Animated & Boomerang GIFs – Take things up a notch with animated GIFs and Boomerang GIFs. These short, looping videos add a touch of personality to your photos, perfect for capturing quick bursts of laughter or celebratory dance moves.
  • Videos – Hive Photo Booths can elevate your experience from still photos to video moments. Want to record a heartfelt message for the guest of honor? Our video booth allows you to capture those special moments in cinematic quality.
  • Special Effects Video – Feeling extra? Add some pizazz to your videos with special effects (SFX). Think confetti showers, slow motion, or even black-and-white filters—the possibilities are endless!
  • Green Screen – Step into another world with our green screen technology. Imagine yourself on a tropical beach, conquering a mountain peak, or even walking the red carpet! Green screens allow for endless creativity and personalized photo experiences.
  • AI Green Screen and AI Booth – Dive into the future of photo booths with our cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) options. AI Green Screen takes green screen experiences to the next level with dynamic backgrounds that react to your movements. Our AI Booth uses facial recognition to add interactive elements and personalized touches to your photos.
  • Uniquely You: Fully Custom Photo Booth Experience – We don’t just offer photo booths. We curate photo experiences! From props and backdrops to custom layouts and branding, we work with you to design a photo booth experience that perfectly complements your event’s theme and style.

So, what are you waiting for? Let Hive Photo Booths help you capture every memory, from classic prints to the latest AI innovations. Contact us today to create a photo booth experience that will leave your guests buzzing!